Managing funerals for people missing at sea

What Should You Do When Your Preferred Cemetery Is Filling Up

The lack of cemetery space is already an issue in Australia, and it's one that is becoming worse each year. It's thought that Sydney will exhaust its available burial sites by 2050. This is already a problem in other parts of the country, and many cities are trying to come up with solutions. Perhaps you're considering where your own final resting place will be, or perhaps it's a conversation you've had with a family member or friend. But what will happen when there's no available space when the time comes? Here are some ways you can secure your gravesite. 

Buy Ahead of Time

About the only way to ensure that there will be space in your chosen graveyard is to pre-purchase a burial plot at the site. However, this type of financial outlay for a plot that might not be used for years to come can make this option problematic for many families. The cost will vary considerably, depending on the cemetery itself, and whether you opt for a plot with a fixed term (as in there is a term of interment for a certain number of years, generally decades) or a plot held in perpetuity (which is permanent). 

Consider Cremation

Cremation is already more popular than burial in Australia as cremation rates are around 69%. Cremation will often exclude the possibility of a final resting place in the traditional sense, with many families opting to store the resulting ashes in an urn at home or to scatter the ashes in a place that held meaning to the deceased. But cremation can also offer a solution to the increasing congestion in many cemeteries. Cremation is also a good idea if relatives live in different places as the ashes can be divided among family members.

Burial of Ashes

Should their chosen final resting place not have available space when the time comes, your loved one could be cremated, with their ashes then buried or enshrined at the site. An urn requires far less space than a coffin, making it more likely that space can be found. The cemetery might also have a columbarium, which is a room or wall with cavities designed to house cremated remains, which are then permanently sealed in the columbarium. 

Wondering whether there will be space at a preferred cemetery is a legitimate concern, but it's one that can be overcome with a bit of compromise and planning. To learn more, contact your preferred cemetery today.

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Managing funerals for people missing at sea

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