Managing funerals for people missing at sea

Top Tips When Choosing a Funeral Home.

Making your funeral preparations in advance will give your loved ones peace of mind and adequate time to mourn once you pass on. Finding a funeral home is one of the most critical burial preparations. Below is a guide to help you find a suitable funeral home.


The funeral home should be conveniently located. Preferably, it should be located close to your burial ground and funeral venue. It should also be located close to where your family will hold the wake. The funeral home should have sufficient parking and adequate security. 

Services Provided 

The funeral home should provide a comprehensive package. For instance, they should offer transport services to the wake and the burial ceremony. If you would want your body cremated, inspect the funeral home's crematorium. For example, are family members allowed to view the cremation process? Inquire if your family members are allowed to perform rites and rituals on your body. 

Funeral Director

The funeral director is a critical component of the funeral planning process. He or she will:

  • Provide counselling services to your immediate family.
  • Help organise the funeral ceremony—he or she is in charge of décor, catering, lighting and sound.
  • Help plan the funeral program—for instance, how many guest speakers will the ceremony have and how long will they talk?
  • Submit relevant papers and follow up on your death certificate. 

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans 

A pre-paid funeral plan is a policy provided by the funeral home to cater to your funeral expenses. It ensures your family members have an easy time planning your funeral since they do not have to worry about funeral expenses. Below are tips to help you choose a funeral plan:

  • What do the payments cover—some funeral plans do not pay third party expenses, such as catering.
  • Does the plan cover transport expenses—for example, what would happen if you die in another or country or state?
  • What would happen if the funeral home closed shop—work with a funeral home that provides a full refund.
  • Does the plan have fixed costs—typically, you are at an advantage if the plan has fixed charges.


The funeral home's services should be reasonably priced. If you need a comprehensive package, do not be shy to bargain. Inquire about extra and hidden costs. If the funeral home is expensive, do not shy off from bargaining. 

Finding a funeral home should not be hard with the above tips. Find a convenient location, find a reputable funeral home, work with an experienced director and inquire about funeral plans and pricing. 

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Managing funerals for people missing at sea

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