Managing funerals for people missing at sea

3 Inexpensive Headstone Materials

Cost is arguably the first thing that people look at when choosing a headstone material. Although most people do not mind splurging on a loved one's grave, spending reasonably is crucial. For instance, there is no need to spend on an expensive headstone if you'll still need to spend a fortune on maintenance costs. Luckily, there is a variety of inexpensive headstone materials to choose from. Read on to find out.


Choosing the right headstone should not be a problem even if you are on a budget, and this is precisely what fieldstones offer. Also referred to as naturally occurring boulders, fieldstones are the cheapest and most readily available headstone material. You can even use one from your property if you want to keep costs as low as possible. However, you still need a mason to carve and engrave it. If you do not wish to engrave the stone, you can incorporate a bronze plaque to add some personality to the headstone. However, natural boulders are not as weather-resistant as granite headstones. As such, adequate maintenance is crucial if you want the monument to last a long time. Additionally, cemeteries have strict rules regarding headstones and might decide to ascertain whether you sourced a boulder responsibly before they grant permission.


When inquiring about headstones' availability, most funeral homes will tell you that the most popular material is granite. Its weather-proof properties — second only to diamond — are to thank for its popularity, and this means that you do not have to worry about headstone surface problems such as cracking. Another property that makes granite headstones popular is the variety of colours available. They range from ebony mist black and mahogany to mountain rose pink and blue pearl. However, remember that it might be challenging to find all these colours in one place. Therefore, it is important to prioritise colour choice. Granite headstones are the most affordable if you consider the low maintenance aspect.


Limestone headstones are another popular choice for people on a tight budget who still want aesthetic quality. The best thing about limestone is that it is easy to carve, making it the perfect choice for intricate designs. For instance, implementing complex designs such as angel wings on limestone is easy, cheaper, and less time-consuming. However, limestone headstones are only perfect in regions with a warm climate. The reason is that the freeze-thaw cycle in colder areas destroys limestone monuments gradually.

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