Managing funerals for people missing at sea

Funeral Webcast: What You Need to Know

It's never an easy process to plan out a funeral for someone who has passed away, and it becomes even more difficult when deciding how they should be remembered by family, friends, acquaintances etc. The traditional way of holding a funeral typically involves having many guests travel from out-of-town or out-of-state for the event. However, COVID restrictions now mean that many people are unable to attend funerals in person. This article is about the process of how to set up all the necessary equipment to broadcast a funeral on the internet through your webcam as well as some tips for broadcasting an event. 

Test the video and audio equipment

Before the funeral service begins, you need to test the video and audio equipment to make sure it is in good working order. If the equipment is not working properly, it can mean that there will be poor-quality footage and audio during the service. If necessary, have someone who knows about filming attend the funeral to help you out. The funeral director should be able to offer assistance when it comes to setting up and operating equipment.

Position the cameras

This involves a lot of planning as you will need to choose the best position for the webcam. You can either place it high up on a tripod or make use of an existing platform. You may wish to use more than one camera to capture the funeral. It is also important to make your guests aware of where the cameras are so they are not seen in certain shots and do not stand in front of it. This may affect how they act during the funeral service and has been known to change their behaviour when they know they will be filmed: some people become uncomfortable and others become very animated. The closer you can get the camera to where people will be sitting, the better quality footage you will end up with.

Broadcast the funeral service

Once everything is set up, you are ready to start broadcasting the funeral service over the internet to family, friends and acquaintances. The first order of business is to make sure you have enough hard disk space available for storing all the video and audio files. It can be very time-consuming editing all the footage that has been recorded so it may be worth recording more than one camera's feed at a time. Also, it is important to make sure that the video quality is high enough for everyone who views it.

For more info about broadcast funeral services, contact a funeral home today.

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Managing funerals for people missing at sea

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