Managing funerals for people missing at sea

How to Choose a Funeral Home

Today, many people prefer to pre-plan their funerals. The benefit of this arrangement is that the funeral is conducted as you would wish. Besides, it prevents your family from incurring funeral expenses. The funeral home is an essential aspect of the pre-paid funeral plan. Below are some valuable tips to help you choose a funeral home. 


How can you examine the suitability of the funeral home? Below is a guide. 

  • The funeral home should be located close to your preferred resting place. Besides, it should offer transportation services if you die away from home.
  • The staff should accommodate your preferred burial. For instance, it should have a crematorium if you want your body cremated.
  • Inquire whether the funeral home allows family members to conduct rites on the body or hold ceremonies inside the facility. For example, your family might want to plan a wake.
  • The funeral home should have positive reviews from families who have used its services. It is a guarantee that your family will have an easy time working with the staff.

Director Considerations

The funeral director will handle the funeral preparation and execution. Therefore, conduct a thorough assessment to establish if they can handle these tasks diligently. Typically, start by interviewing the professional to determine their experience. For example, ask how they will plan the funeral, how they will deal with your grieving family, and how they will overcome the various funeral planning challenges. Additionally, the director should connect you to some of their previous clients. It will give insights into the quality of services the professional offers. Finally, inquire about the services that they offer. Essential services may include catering, event planning, provision of counselling services, and securing a burial site. 

Availability Of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Some funeral homes and directors will offer you a pre-paid funeral plan. It is an arrangement where you save money to be used during your funeral. The secret to taking up a pre-paid funeral plan is ensuring it is customised to fit your needs. For example, most funeral plans will pay the costs of holding the funeral. However, you could add some cash to ensure the policy caters to the costs of planning the wake and the memorial. How will you pay the policy? If you do not have adequate cash, ask the director to allow you to make payments in several instalments. Finally, ask if you can cash out the policy or part of the plan. 

When choosing a funeral home, examine its suitability, directors, and the availability of pre-paid funeral plans. Additionally, negotiate the pricing. 

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Managing funerals for people missing at sea

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